Supporting Rural Communities

From bank branch closures to poor transport links, our rural communities have been at the sharp end. They deserve a better deal.

In rural areas, where access to online services can be hampered by slow or inconsistent broadband connections, we need to take action to support local shops and services. The recent trend of branch closures by banks across South Scotland has been deeply disappointing and I’ll continue to oppose them. However, if local communities to lose their bank branch or other local shops, I want to see action being taken by the Scottish Government to improve broadband connections and mobile phone signal.

I’d also like to see how we can improve bus and rail links to rural communities. Not having a car can be a major handicap to living in a more rural area and that’s something we urgently need to address.


Brian Whittle MSP appointed to new Shadow Ministerial Role

South Scotland MSP Brian Whittle has a new role in his party as the Shadow Minister for Environment, Biodiversity & Land Reform.

Scottish Conservative Brian was given the new role by party leader Douglas Ross as part of a wide-ranging reshuffle following the election.